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  2. great. He lifts weights or whatever. That looks nice to an extent. What does he know? What life experiences does he have? Is he a caring, compassionate and honest person? Does he know how to treat her well? Seriously..anybody can get into shape with a few months in the gym... but a gym won't change a douchebags personality.
  3. We should have talk about the sex between Brinny & Sam!!! ...so... 1.how long is Sam's DI€K? 2.What Britney does like with him?
  4. https://www.super.cz/478995-britney-spears-musi-na-sve-figure-poradne-drit-aby-snesla-srovnani-se-svym-vysportovanym-milencem.html His body
  5. Today
  6. Some promo for ITZney
  7. Also I found this
  8. RT @depressing_sh5: 😊😊😊🔪🔪

  9. hopefully it will bring some attention and help Britney, like people being interested again or at least just curious to know that she's still alive and making music
  10. RT @Raspatuit: Cari, que le pasa al Hamster? -Es antisistema ah vale... https://t.co/62xRmcuaPX

  11. I feel my wardrobe needs updating for this one.

  12. 3 and ilrnr are my favorites because of her goofy faces and dancing while her dancers scramble to fix it
  13. Bomt from dwad will always be my favorite
  14. Yes it actually is. And I know you plan on watching it because you "love a lifetime movie" but supporting this trash and something Britney did not want is very disrespectful in my opinion. But you do you, I really don't care because I will NOT be watching or reading any threads about it.
  15. RT @starwars: It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. This December. #TheLastJedi https://t.co/y…

  16. It actually looks really good & not as bad as I thought it would be. Gonna get my popcorn ready ?
  17. I can't wait, this actually looks really really good. I can't with some fans doing the most, just don't watch it & change the channel it's that simple legends get lifeitme biopics btw
  18. Sweetie it ain't that serious
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