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  1. I don't remember the exact date, but this was the outfit.
  2. Where's the one of the latex / leather bodysuit for freakshow where it ripped right where her asshole would be tbh That's my favorite one. Besides this one.
  3. Just a full rip would be nice tbh Idk how good it is. 16bit is good enough for me tbh.
  4. Yeah, they did say DVD back in like, early 2014 or some shit, but now DVDs are getting kinda... "outdated", you know? So they probably just meant they were gonna livestream the show. Kinda like how some fans on here take circus tour footage and make a "dvd" and put it on youtube But on the real, I hope we do get a DVD / Bluray / Bluray 3D (yaasssss )
  5. I write the songs of love and special things I write the songs that make the young girls cry I am music And I write the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGS I love Barry Manilow tbh
  6. Truly Blackout 2.0, but in the way we didn't see Also where is Myah Marie this round? She's not on the album at all That's such a shocker for her team
  7. Slumber Party stealing everyone's vevo views All as the Dead Sea Scrolls have predicted
  8. Of course I noticed I notice everything http://i57.tinypic.com/2rzb62q.jpgr I was waiting for your return
  9. YES THE MATM PANTS WERE SO GOOD I didn't care about POM (the song) I just know the new gimme more is attrocious, and so is the new break the ice. And here's my (unlisted, SHAKY ASS) video
  10. It was IMMACULATE I still have the photos I took on my Facebook + external hard drive WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING EVERYONE
  11. Okay but seeing that SPECIFIC performance live was MIND BLOWING I screamed yasssssss so much that I had to take down my video of that performance The video was so damn shaky but it's still "unlisted" on youtube
  12. Haireography is kinda annoying sometimes tbh but I love her anyway
  13. If they include Alien from when she grabbed my hand I'll die happy
  14. MESS 2/19/14 best one for sure. 2:27
  15. Tbh Britney should just move back to her beach house in Destin, Florida Cause I live 30 minutes or so from there Britney move back to Florida and we can be BFFs