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  1. idk if an album though. Maybe just an ep or a "buzz" single.
  2. lol thought you hated it gurl you're so bipolar
  3. aww I've missed u guys too But I'm here now
  4. she got hacked, lol. she deleted it ofc
  5. really good! I love it
  6. hello I stan for flawless mariah I love Avril, Ashley, Molly, Selma, and Aureola Grande
  7. miss you tbh How you doin? how's life?
  8. I'm sorry, I thought I did Well, I was busy with finals and stuff. Also getting drunk every weekend
  9. omg YAS NEMESIS SLAYS HAVE U HEARD SNAP MY FINGERS? it's s o cheeky i love it
  10. I'mma end u
  11. I loved every single thing she did this year. I'm so proud of her.
  12. leak it tbh
  13. do you wonder what I'm up to without you ? I bet u did
  14. tried but I couldn't understand what u meant