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Please make sure you read these rules. Violations could result in warning points. If you see a potential violation, please report it so moderators are aware of it. The number of warning points you will receive for a rule break are next to each rule in brackets. Once you reach 10 points you will receive an automatic one week ban, which will then be further reviewed by moderators and potentially extended based on your standing in the community. If you're new and accumulate points quickly, you could potentially be perma-banned.

1.Personal Attacks, Racism & Discrimination, Bullying (4 points)
Universe is an equal community forum. We do not allow racism, homophobia or bigoted terms on our forums. Please be aware that 'd**e' is now prohibited to bring us in line with the ban of 'f****t'. The 'n' word is prohibited in all forms and spellings, as are all other racial slurs. Bigotry also includes discrimination against gender and religion. 
References to mental illness, suicide, domestic violence, anything which causes immense upset in the community.


2. Britney Bashing (4 points)
Since you're registering on a Britney fan forum you are required to post in a way that is respectful of Britney Spears and her family. Members breaking this rule will have all of their actions tracked by a moderator and saved as evidence.


3. Trolling & Hijacking threads (2 points)
All opinions are welcome at Universe, even negative ones but know your limits before you cross into 'trolling' territory or become too negative.

Trolling is intentionally revisiting threads to cause upset amongst the community.


4. Spamming & Promoting other forums (2 points)
Spam is not permitted on Universe. Spamming includes posting solely to bump your post count, posting more than twice in a row, posting irrelevant comments (example "buy such and such on iTunes) repeatedly and signing up just to advertise or promote other websites. In addition, posting about other forums, without a valid music-related reason, or with intent to instigate drama, is forbidden. 


5. Pronographic/Explicit Content & Illegal Activities (2 points)

Posting images, videos or links leading to pornographic content won't be tolerated and could result in an instant ban. Posts suggesting illegal activity will be immediately removed and its owner banned. Pornography is obviously not permitted. Vile "4chan"-esque imagery (violent gore) is also prohibited. 


6. Disruption of forum proceedings (2 points)
This includes trying to cause animosity within the community, bad mouthing the moderators, trying to agitate a large group of members, trying to cause irreparable harm to the website, slander against our website on social media or other forums, etc. 


7. Disobeying Posting Guidelines (1 point)
Posting in another language other than English unless in a specific topic for another language.
Post topics in the right section.
No useless gif spamming.
Bumping old topics - 90 days and older.


8. Wrong use of the shoutbox/chatbox (1 points)
Our shoutbox is not for personal fights.
If we see that a user keeps using the shoutbox to bully or harass people we will ban you from using the shoutbox/chatbox and apply a warning point to your account.


9. Forum Integrated Gallery (1 point)
Please do not upload your personal pictures to the gallery specifically designed for collecting Britney related content only.


10. Respect the Forum Staff (3 points)
It's simple, respect them and they'll respect you. Being a staff member is often considered as an easy task, but on these boards the previous statement is nothing but an outright fabrication. Volunteering on Universe takes a lot of free time away from us but as long as our constant work is being acknowledged we'll be glad to invest every minute in this forum. Meeting the needs of the community and its satisfaction are first in our priorities. And your satisfaction makes us happy.


11. Duplicate accounts (10 points) - Instant ban
Each user can only have one and only one account. Which means only one account per IP is allowed. If you are banned from the forums, please do not attempt to create another one.
Please let us know if family is registering that way the account won't be banned.
Did you forgot your password or is your account hacked please contact us on our email ([email protected]) so we can help you fix it.


12. Reporting
Before reporting another member, you should first make sure that they're actually in breach of the Terms and conditions of Universe. Doing so the entire staff will be notified and your report reviewed. Reporting a piece of content does not guarantee its removal from the boards. Abuse of the reporting system is not allowed and could result in certain member restrictions.


13. Duration of a Ban
At 5 points you get a 7 day ban and at 10 points a permanent ban.


14. Can my ban be lifted
We can only lift a ban if you make a sincere apology ([email protected]). After we receive your request we will check your account and see if we can grant you access to our community again. You'll be sent an email back.

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